Thursday, July 15, 2010

We regularly get large orders of any number of our Novelty/Party Glasses. As we gather and pack them for shipment we wonder, “Why would someone buy all these glasses?” Occasionally, we hear from a customer who bought Aviators for their son’s high school graduating class, a bride who bought Elvis glasses for her Las Vegas wedding party or rose-colored glasses for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
So, while cruising our aisles of sunglasses and novelty glasses we came up with these PARTY THEMES to help get you started:

Pink, Red, Black and White Cat Eyes OR

Elegant Butterfly Sunglasses for Girl’s Slumber Parties
Alien Glasses or Trekkie Robot Devos for a fun, space geek theme party.

Kids’ Aviators for any type of children's parties or events.

Harry Potter/Ozzy/Lennons for a magician or music themed party.

Alien Glasses or Trekkie Robot Devos for a fun space, Trekkie, Star Wars theme.

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