Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GogglesandGlasses.com Announces launch of the Bigalux line offering the world's widest production polarized sunglass


Date: 4/20/2015
Company: GogglesandGlasses.com
Contact: Gary Richardson
Address: Batesville, Arkansas
Tel. No.: 1-866-836-8767

GogglesandGlasses.com Announces launch of the Bigalux line offering the world's widest production polarized sunglass, aptly named the RBH model or Really Big Head.

When it comes to sunglasses for people with big heads there are not many options.  Goggles and Glasses has answered this call with the launch of their new G&G Bigalux line of extra wide  sunglasses, The RBH model is nearly 7 inches wide, a frame wider than anything on the market today.  Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

Innovative sunglasses company Goggles and Glasses is familiar with offering creatively designed products.  Their most recent release may solve the problem many people face of not having large enough sunglasses once and for all.  Recently, the company announced at their online store the launch of the G&G Bigalux line, the world's largest production polarized sunglass.  Early reviews have been quite passionate.

“Our new product comes in 3 colors black, silver and bronze and in one size 'Really Big'.”  commented a spokesperson from Goggles and Glasses.  “There was a real need for really big glasses and we are delivering them in ultra-high quality and at a great price.  Our goal is to exceed each and every customer's expectations and these new sunglasses are sure to help accomplish that goal.”

There's currently 22 different versions of the extra wide sunglasses, with a style that's likely to appeal to nearly every shopper.

According to the company, their new extra wide sunglasses are just the latest in their huge line of goggles and glasses.  Well over 40 categories are featured at their online store, with new additions being made all the time.

Customers feedback for the extra wide sunglasses have been positive across the board.

Debra Tupin, recently said in a five star review, “ My husband loves these glasses. It is impossible to find the larger sunglasses in stores. I've checked every rack in every store I've ever been in, the ones for big boys aren't there. Thank you.”

Motorcyclist, Jim Wrye from Lake Havasu City mentioned in a review, “The only sunglasses I've ever worn that really fit. No exaggeration."

For more information on the company be sure to visit http://www.gogglesandglasses.com/Extra-Wide-Sunglasses_c_2203.html


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Michael Jackson Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Michael Jackson has recently departed for his next tour which will be out of this world if you haven't heard.

In his last years he was rarely seen without his classic 3025 Ray-Ban aviators with custom super dark (SD) lenses. In the Thriller era of the early eighties MJ wore mirror aviator shades by another company as the 3025's were not made in a full mirror finish like the ones he usually wore on stage. Unseen and usually hidden by hair, Michael usually opted for cable temple arms on his glasses as they were unlikely to come off during his performance.

Michael Jackson wore many different types of sunglasses but he was always true to the aviator style never deviating from that shape of sunglass. In the early years of his Off the Wall album he could be seen wearing large plastic aviators which are today gaining a resurgence in popularity.

Michael even created his own line of sunglasses, a uni-lens aviator that sported his name Michael Jackson in white script at the top of the left lens. Released at the height of his career in 1984, the "Thriller" years they quickly climbed into obscurity.

For Jackson, sunglasses were a tool of the trade and he was skilled in their use.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson June 25, 2009