Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Serious eyewear for serious fun, on and off the water

Serious eyewear for serious fun, on and off the water
By Charleen Larson

My personal trainer, Jane, a petite blonde nymph whose physique I can only envy, has recently become obsessed with an activity called SUP (stand-up paddle boarding). Her sport utility vehicle is completely paddle board themed, from the floor mats shaped like giant flip-flops to the Hawaiian hula girl on the dashboard. And of course she wouldn't be caught out on the water without her SeaSpecs SunFire Polarized Surfing Sunglasses. Cruising around in our local lagoon, she tries hard not to fall off her board. If she did, though, no worries. The SeaSpecs have an adjustable strap that can't be removed, thus ensuring she's unlkely to lose them in the water. And if they did come off while she's stand-up paddle surfing on the weekends in the Pacifc Ocean, SeaSpecs are designed to float.

Jane knows that personal appearance is important when you work in a gym. It doesn't do to come to work with tired, reddened eyes. So the 100% UVA and UVB protection of her SunSpecs not only protects her from sea spray, sun and glare, it keeps her eyes looking daisy-fresh. Impact-resistant lenses guard against UFOs (unexpected flying objects).

SunSpecs have garnered a reputation for the ultimate in extreme watersport protection for good reason. Vents in the frame keep your lenses clear and unclouded. They're serious gear, yet inexpensive enough you can keep a second pair on hand as a backup. Watersports professionals swear by them. Whether it's surfing at Mavericks, boogie boarding in Hawaii or extreme wake boarding, SunSpecs keep going as long as you can.

Cyclists and cross-country runners know a good thing when they see it, too. Adjust the SeaSpecs sturdy strap for maximum comfort, then forget you even have them on, no matter how rough the road is or how steep the climb. SeaSpecs designers didn't forget about your proboscis; there's a soft nose and bridge cushion to minimize damage in case of a face plant.

And when the season draws to a close and it's time to reluctantly put away your water equipment, keep your SeaSpecs on hand. They're equally versatile for winter sports.