Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Opens New Website


Welcome to the grand opening of our new GogglesandGlasses website! We have been working long hours to get our new site ready for your visit. Everything is arranged and organized to make it easy to shop for the sunglasses, reading and safety goggles and glasses and accessories that you have been searching for. They are all here – "the high speed eyewear you want at low speed prices".
That's GogglesandGlasses CEO and founder, Gary Richardson pictured above right.
We have so many features that are NEW and IMPROVED we can't begin to tell you about them all! Just to touch on a few :
  • We have streamlined our cart/checkout procedures and, to save you time on future visits, you can now have your own GogglesandGlasses Account.

  • To jump start your shopping experience, we show you our New Additions, Top 4 Best Sellers and Most Recent Item Purchased on index pages during your visit.

  • Our inventory is updated with each purchase so you can be confident you're selecting items that are currently in-stock.

  • With each order we offer SPECIALS. These are some of our best selling accessories -lens cleaner, repair kits, visor clips - you'll wonder how you ever cared for your eyewear in the past without these!

A new security feature we are very proud of is our GogglesandGlasses SSL Certificate, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is an industry-standard way of passing sensitive information between computers. SSL Certificates are used to securely transfer credit card numbers and other information across the Internet. With Extended Validation, GogglesandGlasses visitors using high-security browsers will see the address bar turn green when they begin to enter sensitive information while placing an order. Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide a convenient and visible sign to our customers that is a highly authenticated, trustworthy site and that your sensitive information is secure.

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