Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Etiquette behind Sunglasses


By Brad and Debra Schepp

Sometimes it seems our culture has evolved to the point where nearly anything goes. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt to church? Yes, that’s something we’ve all seen. Eating in an upscale restaurant when the party at the next table arrives in shorts and flip-flops? That’s also a universal American experience. Baseball cap still on in the elevator? Yep, that one is pretty common, too. But when and where do you think it’s inappropriate to keep your sunglasses solidly covering your eyes? Can you get away with wearing them to a funeral? How do you feel when the person you’re talking to neglects to let you see behind their shades?

If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then wearing sunglasses allows you to pull down the shades. Certainly, there are times when this is a real blessing. One of those times can be when you know you are not feeling quite up to interacting with fellow humans. On the morning after a poor night’s sleep, not only will your sunglasses protect your squinting eyes from the assault of the sun’s rays, but admit it, hiding those nasty looking bags is almost equally important. The same is true for the days you still have to run your life in spite of a bad headache. You’ll gain both comfort and peace from not letting the light and the whole world into your space.
But, let’s share an idea here among those of us who love shades; wearing sunglasses creates a barrier between you and the world every time you put them on. Because you know that by putting them on you are creating that barrier, it’s important to consider the effects the boundary may have beyond your own immediate needs. Certainly, if you don’t feel well, anyone would likely excuse your sunglasses, but wearing them inside may just send a message you hadn’t intended to send.

For example, any time you are entering into an interaction where trust and connection between humans matters, you need to let the other guy see your eyes. That’s true of the big things, like making settlement on your house or negotiating for a new car, but it also applies to the basic and routine interactions. As mundane a task as cashing a check or making a purchase is an opportunity to look your fellow human in the eye. Doing so implies that you are trustworthy, and you value the effort the other person is making to help you conduct your transaction. So, if you enter as a customer into a customer-service transaction, pop up those shades and look the other guy in the eye.

Perhaps the most poignant use of sunglasses comes when you see the mourners at a funeral hiding their tired and sore eyes from the world. No one finds these grieving relatives guilty of rude behavior when they use their shades to create a little distance for themselves while they suffer and cope with their loss. Philip Jenks, Media Relations Specialist for the National Council of Churches USA noted that, although his own mother had a strong opinion about wearing sunglasses at funerals, he didn’t believe this had yet become an issue for his organization, or the 35 member organizations that make up his council. Likewise, the website noted that the only rules against wearing sunglasses at a military funeral were reserved for those in uniform. “To our knowledge,” a spokesperson said, “and our understanding of military regulations, the only authorized use of sunglasses while in uniform is if they are in fact, prescription and are issued by the medical department.” As for the family, the spokesperson said that there are no rules governing civilians or military personal who are not currently in uniform or on active duty.

Sometimes wearing sunglasses actually makes you seem more polite. For example, while relaxing at the beach or the lake, you are much less likely to be caught blatantly engaged in people watching, if you hide behind your shades. This is especially important if you’re trying to get away with your little hobby while still making it seem that you are paying complete and undivided attention to your spouse! Just remember, you may not quite get away with it, depending on how well your partner knows you. We’ve all seen the images of celebrities hiding behind big shades, either trying to dart around the paparazzi or sneak in an errand incognito. It doesn’t work for them. They just get their pictures captured including the sunglasses. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t entirely work for you either. Once your spouse catches you checking out the other sun worshippers, you may still want to keep those sunglasses on to soften the embarrassment of receiving a good tongue lashing on a public beach!

Debra and Brad Schepp ( are the authors of 19 books, including How to Make Money with YouTube. They both often wear sunglasses, however, they took them off when they wrote this article.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Sunglasses

Michael Jackson as any celebrity is, was true to his sunglasses always sticking with an iconic aviator style. Perhaps the most noticeable style being the mirrored aviator which he liked to wear on stage. Jackson was very sensitive to sunlight due to the diseases vitiligo and lupus, when offstage and outside he usually wore Ray-Ban 3045 sunglasses with custom glass lenses in a (SD) Super Dark tint in the later years.

In the early years Off the Wall (70's) he wore large plastic aviators with bronze lenses and tortoise frames. In the early 80's thriller he could be spotted wearing a pair of red plastic aviators with a horizontal grill on the bridge. In Bad (1987) he wore the wire framed mirrored aviators which were already pop status icons and made them even more popular.

In the later years all of Jackson's stage aviators would sport cable temples which would hang tight and resist falling off even during the most vigorous of performances, after all cable temples were designed for aviators to ensure that they would not come off even during evasive maneuvers at altitude. Ray-Ban did not offer an aviator with mirrored lenses so it is uncertain where he obtained them. His most remembered sunglasses were his mirrored aviators worn with military styled costumes onstage.

At the height of his career Michael Jackson merchandise was selling like crazy. Michael lent his name to a unique pair of uni-lens aviators which were sold in stores. The glass had the name Michael Jackson in white italicised script on the upper right side of the lens. The frames were available in black, gold and gunmetal. They sold for about 19.99 and sales were very poor in the US due to controversy surrounding his name, today they can be found on eBay at several hundred dollars per pair. Strangely, Michael was hardly ever seen wearing them himself.

Michael was true to his sunglasses and his sunglasses were true to him, protecting him from sun and prying eyes alike. The man behind the shades is gone.

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R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Move

Well as expected, we grew out of our building and had to move to a much bigger space. Along with moving comes renovations, lots of stress, and lots of overtime. We are finally moved in though and things seem to be running smoothly. Everyone is happy with all the new space. We were elbow to elbow in the old office. I'm sure the day will come when we outgrow this place. Until then we will just enjoy being able to walk down the aisles without turning sideways.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

G&G Folding Aviators Featured in Everyday with Rachel Ray

Our folding aviators were featured in the magazine Everyday with Rachel Ray in the June/July issue. You should check it out online at or go to your local book store and pick up a copy. "These babies tuck down to a quarter of their size, so you can pocket them while you sightsee".(click on pictures to enlarge)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Profound Sunglasses

I believe the coolness factor for sunglasses started with the movie stars. Maybe they really were trying not be recognized but they really just made sunglasses really cool. When you wore the same sunglasses then that made you really cool too. It's great they protect your eyes but it was more important to look cool. Maybe you just wanted to sit on the beach and people watch so you got the mirrored aviators.

You could check out the hunks and babes all you wanted without being called names। Maybe you just needed to cover up the fact you were really sleeping because you had partied to late into the night। You probably just wanted to run to the store and didn't want to bother with the whole make-up deal but you knew you might run into someone so throw on a pair of shades and go! Sunglasses got to have um can't live without um! And that's all I got to say about that।

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Testing the sunglass blog

Testing the sunglass blog.

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