Friday, October 23, 2009

GogglesandGlasses has a new mascot!

Goggle Boy was just an average, everyday alien visitor when the harsh Earth environment forced him to adapt.  He gained several amazing abilities and used them to protect the citizens of the planet. He has the ability to defend against harsh wind and debris. Fog is no match for Goggle Boy and not a single hint of glare from the sun can penetrate his defenses. He can even fly, almost!
Above all, he’s a trusted friend to all in need of practical, inexpensive eyewear.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shopping for Kids Sunglasses by Andrea Morrison

We all do everything in our power to protect our children. We bundle them up in the cold, and bathe them in sunscreen when they are at the beach or pool. It is just as important to protect your child’s eyes as well. Studies show that in the first 2 years of life, a child’s eyes are in a rapid phase of growth and are more susceptible to sun damage. During the first 10 years of a child’s life, the eye lens is very clear. The clarity of the lens allows greater sun penetration and filters out less of the suns damaging Ultra Violet rays.

Studies also indicate the 80% of sun damage can occur during the first 18 years of life. In addition, some doctors believe that prolonged exposure to damaging rays of the sun can increase the risk of a person forming cataracts later in life. UV 400 is the highest protection available and recommended by all ophthalmologists. The color or tint of the lens does not affect UV protection. Polarized lenses help block glare and make objects look very clear. Glasses that wrap will help block the suns rays from the side.

There are many different types of children’s sunglasses available. Most children like sunglasses with bright colors. The most popular kids’ sunglasses are smaller versions of adult sunglasses such as aviators and wayfarers. A child will usually love to wear sunglasses if he/she believes they are fashionable and comfortable. If they are not comfortable, the child will not want to wear them. Although smaller in size, a good pair of children’s sunglasses should cost about the same as a good pair of adult glasses Sunglasses sold in the toy section should be considered toys and not relied upon for eye protection.

Some glasses are more resistant to breakage than others are. Thin metal frames tend to bend easily. If a child bends them out of shape, they may bend back into proper fit. Thick plastic frames will not bend and are more durable. Polycarbonate lenses are less likely to scratch than acrylic lenses.

Sunglass cords attach to both arms and allow the glasses to hang from the neck. This accessory will help keep your child’s glasses from falling to the ground and getting lost or broken. Hard shell cases are another great accessory that will help keep your child’s glasses in good shape. Micro fiber cleaning cloths are great for cleaning sunglasses. This material will not scratch the lenses. Once you find a pair of sunglasses your child loves, it may be a good idea to buy a second pair for backup. After all, we all know that kids play tough and things will get broken.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween 2009 Costumes with Sunglasses

Everyone is asking what costume is going to be hot for this Halloween, well I have a few personal suggestions.

1. You all know who Lady Gaga is and we all know we can never get enough of her. Why not get some Lady Gaga glasses to complete your costume? Great for women or men!

2. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) known as the "King of Pop"! He was also infamous for wearing aviator sunglasses. MJ costumes are going to be HOT!!!

3. With the release of the new film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter costumes are a must this Halloween. Become Harry Potter and help him defeat Lord Voldemort with these Harry Potter glasses.

4. A jester, fool, or buffoon is a person who fools around and acts like a clown. It originated in medieval times when kings had personal jesters for entertainment. If you are planning on going with a Renaissance themed costume you need a pair of these Jester Hat glasses. Perfect for a fun goofy costume!

5. Masquerade masks are perfect for Halloween parties! Simple costume for those of you who might not want to put a lot of time or money into this years costume. Also great for Masquerade balls.

6. The king hasn't released a new recording since 1977 and yet still to this day he's as popular as ever among all age groups. If you love Elvis, and who doesn't love Elvis, it's the costume to be this Halloween. Add these elvis glasses to your costume and take a trip back to the 1950's!

7. And last, but not least the most popular costume of all the Nerd costume. This is by far the hottest costume for Halloween 2009! The one accesory this costume can't live without is the nerd wayfarer glasses.

So whether you dress up as your favorite movie character, your favorite pop star, or your favorite celebrity, you can not go wrong with these costumes! Other costumes that will be hot this year include superhero costumes, Transformers, The 80's, and Hannah Montana. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Lady Gaga Flip Up Glasses

These glasses are very stylish and could easily pass for vintage. You can flip up the dark lenses whenever you are inside and flip them down when you are out in the sun. Get that funky mad scientist look going on with ease. These sunglasses feature a hand polished black frame with clear lenses, attached gold rimmed super dark lenses flip up for old school style transitions. There are chrome accents on the front of the frame as well as on the arms. Metal hinges 48mm tall x 130mm wide x 140mm long

Social Identity Ornaments by Jeremy Graham

It’s often the work of Hollywood, or another mainstream media provider, that sets the bar and the stereotypes of the various cliques and social groups of people. With our “monkey see, monkey do” instincts permanently ingrained in our primate DNA, we can’t help but take societal stereotyping as concrete truth. The individuals in these social cliques are marked with ornaments; common traits or accessories that visually identify an entire group of people.

When it’s all laid out, it’s easy to see how backward it all seems, but that is what makes it all the more interesting to emulate. Conventions built by these mainstream media companies are helpful, in a way. Our brains interpret the world as simply as possible and creating labels is simply a way of organization. It’s neither natively meant to offend, nor does it usually accurately describe the wider scope. Yes, there do exist in the world people that are living stereotypes: a rich Texan oil tycoon with a pasture full of cattle, or a jock with the IQ of a butterfly, but generally these labels are simply that: labels. It’s almost like describing a mythical creature or spirit. They may or may not exist but that won’t stop the masses from portraying them as if they were as real as rain.

For this reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to dress up as a nerd or a jock for Halloween or a party. You won’t offend anybody by wearing nerd glasses with a pocket protector. You can take it further and wear your fake glasses regularly to give yourself an identity, or label, with which others can quickly identify you. Ironically, this is something that can be learned from the mainstream media. Some big television stars bear identity ornaments that define their appearance. For example, Drew Carrey and Adam Savage of Mythbusters have famous appearances thanks to their nerdy black wayfarer glasses. Drew Carrey even underwent laser eye surgery to correct his vision, and yet he continues to wear fake glasses to retain his visual identity.

Hollywood is often criticized for the social conventions they create, but if anything, it should be thanked for creating a repertoire of lovable fictional characters that the average Joe can quickly identify. Social identity ornaments are simply a way to bring individuality to members of a six billion strong community.

Thursday, October 1, 2009



Eye protection is very important for motorcycle riders. You never know when another vehicle will throw a rock, or a bug flies into your face. Windshields block some debris, but do not fully protect your eyes. In many states, it is a law that all motorcycle riders must wear protective eyewear. This article will provide information for selecting the best protective eyewear for you.

There are many types of protective eyewear made for motorcycle riders. These include goggles, glasses, and convertible glasses. Convertible glasses come with a strap to wear like a goggle, or arms to wear like glasses. Some riding glasses have an attached strap to both arms to prevent slipping. Padding attached to the frame of a goggle or glasses protects the face from severe impacts and provides a wind resistant seal. This wind resistant seal helps keep dirt and wind out of your eyes, and is great for sensitive eyes or those that wear contact lenses.

Always check to make sure the lens is made of polycarbonate shatter resistant material. Some sunglasses are made of acrylic material and will crack or break very easily. UV protection is important for blocking out harmful rays of the sun. I recommend UV 400 protection because it is the highest available. Polarized lenses are great for blocking glare and make objects look crisp and clear. The downfall of polarized lenses is that it makes oil slicks and wet spots harder to see. Lenses come in a variety of colors and there are “kits” for goggles and glasses available that have different colored lenses that can be switched out. Smoke or Amber tinted lenses are great for bright sunny days. Yellow, clear, and blue tinted lenses are great for night driving or very cloudy and hazy days.

Almost every motor cycle rider who wears protective eyewear has experienced a problem with glasses fogging up. Several anti-fog compounds are packaged and marketed for this purpose. They cost quite a bit, some work great but others are a total failure. Virtually all of them have one common component that makes them work: glycerin. Glycerin is a high-percentage ingredient in hand soap. Some soap brands/types tend to be better than others are. Neutrogena has about the highest glycerin content of any soap. It is a bit softer than most soap, but rubbing your finger on it, then smearing it on your eyewear works fine. I take a chunk of it and put it in a clear, plastic 35mm film can. Ivory soap and `Pure Pleasure' glycerin soap work very well also. To apply cut off a piece of hand soap, smear it on your previously cleaned eyeglasses, then, using a clean, cotton cloth, rub the streaked soap all over the lenses to where it's not visible any more. Works fine, lasts a long time and works better in my opinion than any of the stuff you pay a buck or more per half-ounce for.

In my opinion, there is no #1 best for protective eyewear. It is a matter of personal preference. One must find the pair that works best for them. I have several different pairs that I wear for different riding conditions. The most important thing is to be safe and enjoy the ride.


My name is Andrea, and I am an avid biker. I live in Arkansas and love riding the rural scenic roads here. I believe every rider should ride safe and ride for fun. I work for