Friday, August 28, 2009

Chrome Heart Aviator Sunglasses Black Copper Lens

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a celebrity, then you’ve got to try these premium heart-shaped,chrome metal-framed aviator sunglasses. The style is similar to an aviator sunglass, but the subtle heart shape makes it unique. This type of sunglass has been seen on several of Hollywood's stars. You’ll have the red carpet rolled out for you while wearing these beauties. Chrome metal frame and a black accent on the top of each lens, which matches the color of the tips of the temples. The lenses have a copper gradient and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Measures 54mm tall, 141mm long, and 131mm wide.

Golfing Sunglasses Decentered Two View Lens Silver

These are the sunglasses you need with you while golfing. They are specially adapted for several aspects of the game. The golf lenses are decentered, which means there is far less distortion of light than traditional lenses. You’ll know exactly where your ball is when you’re lining up for a swing. Not only are they useful, but you’ll look great wearing them. The lenses also have two view zones: the bronze gradient on the lens is lighter on the bottom for when your ball is on the ground, and darker on the top for when it’s in the air. The polycarbonate frame has an almost metallic silver finish. Adjustable nose pads and soft temple tips provide extra comfort so that you can wear them for 18 holes. They’re also great for other sports too. The lenses also provide 100% UV400 protection. Measures 43mm tall, 155mm long, and 134mm wide.

Golf Ball Locater Blue Lens Sunglasses Matte Black

Find your ball on the greens with ease! These specially tinted blue lens sunglasses block all dark objects and brighten any light objects. Your white golf ball will glow like it’s under a UV light. Just pop these on when you can’t otherwise find it, even in the thickness of the grass. Not only are they useful, but you’ll look great wearing them. The soft nose pads and temple tips make these golf ball finding sunglasses extra comfortable. The frame is matte black and the rich blue lens provides 100% UV protection. Measures 41mm tall, 155mm long, and 133mm wide.

Obama Sunglasses Black G&G OBM44

The election of President Barack Obama represented a hope for change in the United States. Celebrate change and show your American pride with these black-framed sunglasses inscribed with the last name of the current President. The name can be seen on either side of the glasses on the thickest part of the temples. It has a narrow band design that speaks business. Also makes a great gag gift for your Republican friends. The super dark grey lenses provide 100% UV400 protection. Measures 38mm tall, 153mm long, and 130mm wide.

Western Six-Shooter Revolver Sunglasses Silver Grey

Reach for your holsters and draw these Old West style six shooters sunglasses! The guns take from the long barrel design of classic revolvers used in early Western settlement such as the Colton Single Action Army. Did you know that a revolver patent was one of the earliest U.S. patents in 1835 at number 138? Don’t be an addle-pot, strap up and head out to a saloon or party to show them off. The glasses themselves are in an almost Aviator style. They have a metallic silver finish with grey lenses that provide 100% UV400 protection. Measures 120mm tall, 155mm long, and 150mm wide.

Jester Hat Mardi Gras Purple Lens Sunglasses Scattered Green Purple Gold

A jester, fool, or buffoon is a person who fools around and acts like a clown. They are recognized by their three pointed hat with bells. It originated in medieval times when kings had personal jesters for entertainment. The pointed cap represents a donkey’s ears and tail. One of the most famous jester characters in history was Harlequin of “Commedia dell’arte.” Now you can have a jester hat in sunglass form! They are perfect for Mari Gras, Renaissance fairs, and Halloween. This one in particular bears the colors of Mardi Gras: a scattered assortment of purple, green, and gold. Glitter makes the frame even more festive and attractive. There are pom poms at each end of the glasses, which come in a random assortment of colors. The lenses are purple and provide 100% UV 400 protection. Measures 71mm tall, 155mm long, and 148mm wide.