Monday, May 17, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Provides Summertime Fun

Summer fun usually involves water activities - swimming, boating, fishing and we have the goggles and glasses you'll be needing for that next outing or just sunning on the deck. Unlike the super stores where the swim goggles are there and then gone, (no more till next year!), at GogglesandGlasses we have what you need! Check out our line of Swim Goggles.

Need help focusing on those tiny hooks? Our Oasis Polarized Bifocals provide protection from reflected glare off the water and the bottom of the lenses have a powerful magnifier built right in, no more switching glasses at critical moments. Pictured are copper lenses/tortoise frame, also available are grey lenses/black frame, in magnifications 1.50 to 3.00.

WHY POLARIZED? A picture speaks a thousand words.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Men's Extra Wide Sunglasses

GogglesandGlasses features
Big guys need love, too and at G&G, we're thinkin' about you!
Got a big head? We've love to fix you up with a selection from our big glasses!
We have several Extra wide sunglass styles to choose from. Check out those at right from Oxen optics. Oxen are a high quality line of sunglasses that will fit large, big and wide heads.
Pictured are a wide, rectangular men's Aviator with real glass lenses. Dimensions are, lens width: 67mm, height: 45mm, hinge to hinge: 150mm . Made for speed and an active lifestyle, they have a sturdy, cool looking, wrap-around design that will make you look great while wearing them. They’ll help you define that look that says “I have authority.”

Is 60 the New 40? Embracing Our Fading Eyesight

The word is out that 60 is the new 40. We "baby boomers" are not enjoying our golden years just sitting on the porch. It appears that those of us approaching middle age are embracing effects of aging on our bodies more openly than did our parents. We are still active, going and doing and better yet, finding ways to overcome the obstacles of aging.
When it comes to our fading close-up vision our answer is not just reading glasses, but FUN reading glasses and MULTIPLE PAIRS so they can be handy wherever you need them.
At we are no exception. We address the common need for readers that are serviceable, fun and economical with our Six Pack Readers - You choose the power, we pick the assortment. For the special discounted price of $11.99, you can get six assorted metal or plastic frame reading glasses in stylish colors and fun and attractive designs.

This is a great deal if you just want a pair of reading glasses in every room of your home, car or if you want to give some to others as gifts. But, use caution, others are not embracing our age as well as we are!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Radians Safety Vests

Keep your workers visible
and safe with
Radians Safety Vests from
The Radians SV6 is a class 2 safety vest that offers high visibility in high traffic or dangerous areas. It has three two-inch pieces of reflective tape: one horizontal, and two vertical with a green trim. The Hi-Viz orange will keep you visible in dangerous conditions. There is a convenient mic tab on the shoulder and seven pockets: one split pad/pencil, one radio, two lower flap covered, two deep inside, and one instrument pocket inside. The front of the vest is a solid and the back is a mesh and has a zipper closure.
Visit Safety Vests at our home page to view many more styles and colors.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Where's my sunglasses??!!!!

1) Sliding across the dash 2) Not in my purse 3) I'm sitting on them!

Sunglass wearers rejoice! Here at we have everything you need to keep your sunglasses safe and easy to locate. From cases - hard, soft, with belt loops(pictured, at right) -to visor clips, lens cleaners and repair kits.
You will love the visor clips. They come in a wide array of colors to keep your glasses where they are most needed, on the flip-down sun visor in your car or truck.
More than one vehicle in your family? Our Sunglasses Visor Clip 6 Pack is the answer. These sunglass visor clips are cute as a bug, and a great place to park your sunglasses when you are not wearing them, protects your glasses from being scratched, broken or sat on. A bargain, 6 different colored clips for $4.99, they clip to the sunvisor in your car, up out of the way but easy to get to, one-handed. Six different colors to 1) match your car color 2) match car interior OR 3)designate the person whose glasses they are holding!
Those with O.C.D.W.M. S. ("obsessive-complusive-disorder-with-my-sunglasses"), rejoice!