Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vintage Square "Robinette" Designer Sunglasses Orange Bronze

These square sunglasses inspired by designer styles are highly fashionable and within budget. The translucent orange frame is gorgeous and fades to a darker color in the center. Wearing these classic sunglasses will give you a flashback. You will look great in any setting wearing them. The lenses are bronze gradient and also provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Measures 59mm tall, 155mm long, and 136mm wide.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Triangle Steampunk Sunglasses Round Lenses Blue

If ever there were a unique looking pair of shades, these are them. They fall into the steampunk genre of fashion and are more than interesting. They have triangle shaped metal frames with round lenses suspended in them. The soft adjustable nose pads ensure a comfortable fit. They have a blue frame and lenses, which also exceed ANSI UV protection standards. Measures 40 mm tall, 157 mm long, and 140 mm wide.

Professor Gizmo Wacky Rodeo Clown Sunglasses White Black

If you are looking for something completely wild and crazy, you have found it. Inspired by the One of Kind, One Man Band, Professor Gizmo, AKA Rick Elmore, these glasses will give you the attention of the masses. The glasses feature one of the lenses turned 90 degrees, and an exclamation mark and question mark on each of the lenses. These glasses can be worn for fun, or if you want to attract a crowd to your show. The frame is white and black and the grey lenses also provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Measures 62mm tall, 146mm long, and 133mm wide.

Lady Fingers Blooming Hand Translucent Sunglasses Green

These are vibrantly colored sunglasses in the shape of a lady’s hands. Wear them if you want to make a point, or if you have some higher purpose. You can wear them just for fun too. Bring them to a party and give your friends a laugh. The frame is a translucent green and has a blooming pattern. The lenses are green and provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Measures 101mm tall, 154mm long, and 140mm wide.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Star of David Mirror Lens Metal Sunglasses Blue Silver

The Star of David was named after King David of ancient Israel. Its earliest known usage was in the Middle Ages. It has several meanings for different cultures and religions, but it is famous as a Jewish symbol, which signifies the number seven, referring to the six points and the center, which has religious significance in Judaism for several reasons. No matter how the Star of David has significance to you, these sunglasses are a great accessory to your life. They are made of high quality materials and they are comfortable, thanks to adjustable nose pads. The lens has a silver mirror coat with the Star of David interweaved in blue. The lenses provide 100 percent UV 400 protection. Measures 65mm tall, 153mm long, and 131mm wide.

Treble Clef Music Novelty Glasses Black

Are you a music fan, or do you know someone that loves to compose? These glasses can help you to show off your love of music or creating music. These are treble clef-shaped glasses and are great for music parties or recitals. In music, When the G clef is placed on the second line of the staff, it is called the “treble clef”, and it is the most common clef used today. Measures 123mm tall, 146mm long, and 128mm wide.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 Glitter Party New Year Graduation Glasses Silver

Celebrate the New Year and a new decade with these unique sunglasses that are in the shape of the number 2010. Have a blast handing them out at a 2010 high school or college graduation party. Your 2010 graduate will thank you for them. The fun does not stop there though; maybe 2010 will be a significant year for you, maybe you will get married or have a baby in 2010. Perhaps the number 2010 has some special meaning to you. Either way, these 2010 glasses are a treat. Features a silver glitter frame with gray lenses. Also provides 100 percent UV protection. Measures 64mm tall, 140mm long, and 121mm wide.