Friday, April 30, 2010

New Line Joins
a Tried and True Favorite

We are excited to introduce a new line of Jonathan Paul Fitovers to our already popular, tried and true line of JP sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses.
Fitovers were originally developed in Australia over a decade ago to combat the ruthless Australian sun. Effective, comfortable and affordable, this revolutionary new sunglass with its innovative wrap around styling quickly caught on. Fitovers Eyewear were embraced by prescription frame wearers throughout Australia and New Zealand as the ideal solution for their sunwear needs. International demand for Fitovers Eyewear led to distribution on a global scale. Asked for by name the world over, Fitovers Eyewear have developed a well-earned reputation as world market leader in this unique eyewear category. This Aurora style Fitover (pictured above) features a midnight oil frame and amber lenses. Measures 42mm tall, 157mm long, and 136mm wide, and each lens is 58mm wide.

Euro Geek Fake Nerd Glasses

New at

Rectangular nerd glasses with a hint of style. They feature metallic accents on the strong, bold, hand-polished, black frame, near the high-quality, three-barrel hinges. These geeky glasses have that Euro look and can be Rxed with your own prescription. Also in a tortoise frame, they are sleek and cheeky for the ladies yet they create a strong, well-educated look for the guys. Nobody will know that you are wearing fake glasses. This is not your average Clark Kent look. The clear lenses provide 100% UV400 protection. Measures 37mm tall, 145mm long, and 124mm wide.

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Not all glasses are designed solely for a fashion statement or vision correction, some are worn for protection. Safety glasses and goggles provide protection against hazardous vapors, flying debris or against visible and and invisible light or radiation. Those designed with a sunglass type lens allow better vision in bright daylight; different colors of lenses may provide visual acuity discerning different colors, such as a white golf ball against a blue sky or a grassy golf green.

We carry a complete line of DeWalt safety glasses and goggles for most any need. The DeWalt DPG8211 is pictured above. DeWalt Concealer safety goggle provides superior protection from a brand you trust. It has a dual injected yellow rubber seal to provide protection from dust and debris. There is a built-in ventilation channel in the frame to reduce fogging of the lens. The adjustable head strap can be detached with the clip attachment and the clear anti-fog polycarbonate lens is replaceable and provides 100 percent UV 400 protection. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards and R Z87+S is stamped on the lens. Measures 78mm tall and 132mm wide.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Opens Collection Center for Plastic Peanuts
480 South Central Ave.
Batesville, AR 72501

GogglesandGlasses Opens Collection Center for Plastic Peanuts
Batesville, Arkansas-, a local Internet retailer of quality sunglasses and a wide assortment of eyewear is now a Peanut Hotline collection center for plastic packaging loose fill peanuts. is located at 480 South Central Avenue and will accept clean plastic peanuts from local residents and retailers and reuse them in their outgoing packages. Gary Richardson, owner and manager of G&G says, “Plastic peanuts provide excellent protection for our shipments and can be reused many times. By joining the Hotline, we are providing our neighbors a convenient way to reuse plastic peanuts and adding to our effort to be a “green retailer” by recycling and helping others in the Batesville area to do so”.
The Peanut Hotline, founded July of 1991, is the Plastic Loose Fill council’s nationwide program for reusing packing peanuts. The Hotline, 800-828-2214 and, is a 24-hour, toll-free directory service for consumers to learn which local businesses accept plastic peanuts for reuse. Most sites are typically small packaging or gift shops. They welcome the free packaging material, the customer referrals, and the chance to reduce waste and help the environment.
Most people who use the Hotline learn about it with a mail-order purchase. Over 200 catalog companies use package inserts printed with Peanut Hotline information, to include Nationwide, Hotline collection centers report that the Hotline is popular in their communities because residents appreciate how reuse contributes to environmental savings.
The Plastic Loose Fill Council, a national trade association headquartered in Oakland, Calif. maintains the Peanut Hotline website, which provides information on the use of plastic loose fill or packing peanuts.

Kroop’s Original Racing and Skydiving Goggle Brown Clear

The original racing goggle used by jocks worldwide since it was invented in 1947. Made with a proprietary high clarity flexible lens, stitched edging and solid brass vents. Don't be seen in the Winners Circle in anything less than Israel Kroop's Original. Since 1947 Kroop’s has been the market leader in horse racing goggles. Nearly every winner of every major race including the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, Dubai World Cup, Preakness, Belmont Stakes, Breeders' Cup, has worn our goggles to victory. Continue The Winning Tradition. They are also perfect for skydiving. These original racing goggles feature brown edging and a clear lens, along with a wide adjustable headband. Measures 72mm tall and 177mm wide.

In the early 1940's a boot maker named Israel Kroop was asked by a local jockey to develop an alternative to the bulky and heavy motorcycle goggles worn at the time. Being highly creative and good with his hands Kroop designed a cutting edge goggle both slim and lightweight with outstanding peripheral vision and optical clarity. The design was quickly adopted by jockeys throughout the country. Early goggles were cut and sewn by hand taking considerable time and leading Kroop away from the boot business he owned with his father and brother. Demand for the goggles grew quickly forcing Kroop to mechanize the process and officially found Kroop's Goggles in 1947. Kroop's original design has proven so effective and timeless it is still worn today by nearly every jockey worldwide.

In the mid 1950's other sports began to adopt the Kroop's goggle. The lightweight design and wind protection it provided made it the perfect choice for many sports. Early parachutists (skydivers) found the design particularly useful. Nicknamed the Boogie Goggle Kroop's original design has become the most widely used skydiving goggle in the world.
Although Israel Kroop died in 1991 his company and designs live on. Kroop's Goggles prides itself on the same product functionality, durability, and value that made it an icon in both the horse racing and skydiving markets. Our goggles can now be found in nearly every corner of the globe on everyone from medivac helicopter personnel to speed boat racers to Kentucky Derby winners.

The sun is always shining somewhere!

Sunglasses Ad

Summertime is finally here! It is most welcome after the winter of 2009-10, isn’t it?! We don’t know about you but our Arkansas winter was record setting for rainfall and snowfall amounts and it seemed as if spring would never come.
Merchants are scrambling to stock shelves and racks with summer items and sunglasses are certainly no exception. However, there is no need to fight the traffic out and back to Wally World, stay right here with us at find the most perfect selection of sun and party glasses on the Internet.
Here at G&G, we stay ready for sunglass season the year around because the sun is always shining somewhere! And, we want it to be shining on our shades! So welcome to our site and enjoy your shopping experience. We want it to be 1) EASY 2) ENJOYABLE and 3) ECONOMICAL, hence our slogan “High speed sunglasses at low speed prices”.