Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Men's Extra Wide Sunglasses

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Big guys need love, too and at G&G, we're thinkin' about you!
Got a big head? We've love to fix you up with a selection from our big glasses!
We have several Extra wide sunglass styles to choose from. Check out those at right from Oxen optics. Oxen are a high quality line of sunglasses that will fit large, big and wide heads.
Pictured are a wide, rectangular men's Aviator with real glass lenses. Dimensions are, lens width: 67mm, height: 45mm, hinge to hinge: 150mm . Made for speed and an active lifestyle, they have a sturdy, cool looking, wrap-around design that will make you look great while wearing them. They’ll help you define that look that says “I have authority.”

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linoperros lino said...

Goggles really play a vital role in protection of eyes from dust and uv rays....all the stuff looks really awesome.
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