Monday, May 17, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Provides Summertime Fun

Summer fun usually involves water activities - swimming, boating, fishing and we have the goggles and glasses you'll be needing for that next outing or just sunning on the deck. Unlike the super stores where the swim goggles are there and then gone, (no more till next year!), at GogglesandGlasses we have what you need! Check out our line of Swim Goggles.

Need help focusing on those tiny hooks? Our Oasis Polarized Bifocals provide protection from reflected glare off the water and the bottom of the lenses have a powerful magnifier built right in, no more switching glasses at critical moments. Pictured are copper lenses/tortoise frame, also available are grey lenses/black frame, in magnifications 1.50 to 3.00.

WHY POLARIZED? A picture speaks a thousand words.

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linoperros lino said...

through goggles we can get a little amount of relief in summer mainly while we are going to offices in a sunny day....
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