Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Retro Art Deco Hippie Women’s Sunglasses Oriental Grey

You probably thought you couldn’t afford a pair of high fashion glasses, but you owe it to yourself, and now they are surprisingly affordable. Join the small handful of people who look like the person you are meant to be. These sunglasses are for the young modern woman with a taste for the arts. The wide arms are artfully inspired and designed with a vibrant oriental pattern. They are sleek, contoured, luxurious, and a little unorthodox. They’re meticulously hand-crafted and invitingly priced. They’re as beautiful as they are practical, faithful in every detail, and made for women with impeccable taste. They have a single lens design and because the silver metal frame is behind the lens, they have a rimless look while remaining extremely durable. They are of designer quality at mass market prices; this is an outrageous deal! They provide full coverage of the eyes, so that you’ll never be blinded by the flickering rays of the sun. The grey lenses also offer 100% UV400 protection. The soft, adjustable nose pieces add extra comfort to an already smart buy. Comes with a microfiber pouch. Measures 54mm tall, 153mm long, and 130mm wide.

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