Friday, September 11, 2009

Masquerade Party Face Mask Green

Masquerade masks were once used to conceal the identity of its wearer during a ball. Since everybody wore a mask, nobody knew who they were dancing with. The ball was like a guessing game, where people tried to guess others’ identities and often suitors tried to steal a kiss from a lady who had caught their eye. Masquerade balls are still hosted today, and if you are planning on attending one of these events or if you just want to have some crazy fun, this mask is for you. It has a drawstring, so it will adjust to the size of any head. The mask is a durable green plastic and it’s highly customizable. You can swap out the drawstring for the fastener of your choice or decorate the mask further for more flair. Measures 70mm tall and 153mm wide.

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