Thursday, June 11, 2009

Profound Sunglasses

I believe the coolness factor for sunglasses started with the movie stars. Maybe they really were trying not be recognized but they really just made sunglasses really cool. When you wore the same sunglasses then that made you really cool too. It's great they protect your eyes but it was more important to look cool. Maybe you just wanted to sit on the beach and people watch so you got the mirrored aviators.

You could check out the hunks and babes all you wanted without being called names। Maybe you just needed to cover up the fact you were really sleeping because you had partied to late into the night। You probably just wanted to run to the store and didn't want to bother with the whole make-up deal but you knew you might run into someone so throw on a pair of shades and go! Sunglasses got to have um can't live without um! And that's all I got to say about that।

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Two words: Jackie Onassis.


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