Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Sunglasses

Michael Jackson as any celebrity is, was true to his sunglasses always sticking with an iconic aviator style. Perhaps the most noticeable style being the mirrored aviator which he liked to wear on stage. Jackson was very sensitive to sunlight due to the diseases vitiligo and lupus, when offstage and outside he usually wore Ray-Ban 3045 sunglasses with custom glass lenses in a (SD) Super Dark tint in the later years.

In the early years Off the Wall (70's) he wore large plastic aviators with bronze lenses and tortoise frames. In the early 80's thriller he could be spotted wearing a pair of red plastic aviators with a horizontal grill on the bridge. In Bad (1987) he wore the wire framed mirrored aviators which were already pop status icons and made them even more popular.

In the later years all of Jackson's stage aviators would sport cable temples which would hang tight and resist falling off even during the most vigorous of performances, after all cable temples were designed for aviators to ensure that they would not come off even during evasive maneuvers at altitude. Ray-Ban did not offer an aviator with mirrored lenses so it is uncertain where he obtained them. His most remembered sunglasses were his mirrored aviators worn with military styled costumes onstage.

At the height of his career Michael Jackson merchandise was selling like crazy. Michael lent his name to a unique pair of uni-lens aviators which were sold in stores. The glass had the name Michael Jackson in white italicised script on the upper right side of the lens. The frames were available in black, gold and gunmetal. They sold for about 19.99 and sales were very poor in the US due to controversy surrounding his name, today they can be found on eBay at several hundred dollars per pair. Strangely, Michael was hardly ever seen wearing them himself.

Michael was true to his sunglasses and his sunglasses were true to him, protecting him from sun and prying eyes alike. The man behind the shades is gone.

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R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

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