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Radians Custom Molded Earplugs are an easy,
do-it-yourself kit. Follow all instructions for best results, but basically, mold the 2 compounds, then place ear for 10 minutes. They are made in the USA, (yay!) and have dozens of everyday uses including shooting ranges, sports, construction, lawn care, assembly lines, farming, auto races, motorcycle driving, swimming, flying or skydiving, musical performances, studio work and more, even sleeping! Pictured above after molding, they provide a soft, permanent custom fit for all day comfort. Included is a pocket-sized carry case. The safe, non toxic and hypo allergenic silicone mixture comes in blue, tan, orange, pink and red, leaves no mess and is environmentally friendly, the plugs are long lasting and washable. These earplugs have a Noise Reduction Rating NRR of 26 and have been tested and exceed the ANSI standard Z24.22 1957. They can even be formed to be used with other hearing equipment such as bluetooth/cell phone inner ear headsets.

Instruction video is available online at


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Nasir DZ said...

I prefer Earmoldsydney earplugs to protect my ears. These are flexible ear plugs that are ideal for a variety of uses, including sleep, bikes, noise, industry, musicians, and water.
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