Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GogglesandGlasses Opens Collection Center for Plastic Peanuts

480 South Central Ave.
Batesville, AR 72501
Website: http://www.gogglesandglasses.com/

GogglesandGlasses Opens Collection Center for Plastic Peanuts
Batesville, Arkansas-http://www.gogglesandglasses.com/, a local Internet retailer of quality sunglasses and a wide assortment of eyewear is now a Peanut Hotline collection center for plastic packaging loose fill peanuts.
GogglesandGlasses.com is located at 480 South Central Avenue and will accept clean plastic peanuts from local residents and retailers and reuse them in their outgoing packages. Gary Richardson, owner and manager of G&G says, “Plastic peanuts provide excellent protection for our shipments and can be reused many times. By joining the Hotline, we are providing our neighbors a convenient way to reuse plastic peanuts and adding to our effort to be a “green retailer” by recycling and helping others in the Batesville area to do so”.
The Peanut Hotline, founded July of 1991, is the Plastic Loose Fill council’s nationwide program for reusing packing peanuts. The Hotline, 800-828-2214 and http://www.loosefillpackaging.com/, is a 24-hour, toll-free directory service for consumers to learn which local businesses accept plastic peanuts for reuse. Most sites are typically small packaging or gift shops. They welcome the free packaging material, the customer referrals, and the chance to reduce waste and help the environment.
Most people who use the Hotline learn about it with a mail-order purchase. Over 200 catalog companies use package inserts printed with Peanut Hotline information, to include GogglesandGlasses.com. Nationwide, Hotline collection centers report that the Hotline is popular in their communities because residents appreciate how reuse contributes to environmental savings.
The Plastic Loose Fill Council, a national trade association headquartered in Oakland, Calif. maintains the Peanut Hotline website, which provides information on the use of plastic loose fill or packing peanuts.

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