Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you so much for ordering from! Your Cool sunglasses are on the way.

I've also tucked in a few cards in your shipment from friends of mine, merchants I have known for years and trust completely. Let me tell you a bit about Headrest DVD Player and JCEarings.

Ever lost an earring? It's a dilemma millions of women face. Now
there's hope for fans of Jody Coyote jewelry. My friend Charleen Larson
started to ensure every lonely single earring meets its true mate. She's also got up-to-the-minute new styles as well as old favorites and vintage earrings, too. Sign up for her informative newsletter and get a free $5 gift certificate.

My friend Brandon is the car headrest DVD monitor king of the U.S., I think.
He's got the best deals on DVD players for your car. Some even come
with game controllers and 1,000 games! Your kids will never want to get
out of the car! Don't forget "Deals so low, it's funny!"

I don't get anything for recommending these companies, only a warm
feeling of satisfaction for putting good people together with other good
people in a world where it's getting harder every day to know who to

That's it for now. Till next time,

Gary Richardson

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