Monday, November 16, 2009

Binolux Military Style Binoculars Black Porro Prism 7 x 35

These black Binolux hand-held binoculars are army style and come with a black carrying case with a shoulder strap. They are rubber covered for extra protection. They have a field of view of 167 meters at 1000 meters. They meet the objective for outdoor use. Great for bird watching, tourist attractions, hunting, theater shows, the Opera, etc. It has a magnification of 7x and the objective lens is 35mm in diameter. The wider the objective lens, the brighter your image will be. These binoculars have a dioptric correction function to adjust to the varying visual acuity of the human eye. The porro prism system allows for excellent depth perception. The lenses have a coating to prevent air-to-glass surfaces, which eliminates the loss of light transmitted. They can also be focused with a single finger.

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