Friday, August 28, 2009

Golf Ball Locater Blue Lens Sunglasses Matte Black

Find your ball on the greens with ease! These specially tinted blue lens sunglasses block all dark objects and brighten any light objects. Your white golf ball will glow like it’s under a UV light. Just pop these on when you can’t otherwise find it, even in the thickness of the grass. Not only are they useful, but you’ll look great wearing them. The soft nose pads and temple tips make these golf ball finding sunglasses extra comfortable. The frame is matte black and the rich blue lens provides 100% UV protection. Measures 41mm tall, 155mm long, and 133mm wide.


Jucad Golftrolley said...

Golf ball for your skill level and golf swing can be as important as the choice of golf clubs. A golf ball manufactures use several types of connections to the ball and cover the core. In addition, solid cores, dual core and multi-cores to add to the confusion. In addition, there are many different models available dimple each designed to overcome the air resistance and the influence of spin properties. For example, a ball with backspin will have many more wear. Some bullets are designed to be more forgiving when you miss the sweet spot. If you have a good golf swing there are balls designed for professionals who do not forgive, but allows more control. The biggest problem is that there is no real way to judge a consistent golf ball against another.

Ping I15 said...

Golf balls sales are big business in line so be sure to have all the information from the manufacturer before making a decision to buy a ball and make sure you have all the information on degrees and certificate, so do not throw in bulk to balls. At the same time looking for golf balls at low cost, it can happen that you stop for more money than he wanted.

Golf Handicapkurse said...

Golf ball straight keep all square and parallel to the goal. Your feet hips and shoulders should all be parallel to the line. With a driver place the ball opposite the instep of his left foot and not too close or too far from the ball the only club should be grounded and not fall forward or backward.

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